About 93 Contest group
The 93 Contest group was formed from the Sheffield Amateur Radio Club contest team of October 2014.The team left SARC in October 2014 to pursue a more serious commitment to contesting and to organise and set up the 93 Contest Group. Affiliation to the RSGB was achieved in December 2014 in time for the new Contesting season of 2015.
Aims of the 93 Contest group
The aim of the group is to compete primarily in the UKAC VHF competition. This purpose is to promote and develop the operating skills and station setups of the individual members and as a team compete effectively in the UKAC competition. The group prides itself on maintaining a high level of commitment whilst still maintaining the FUN aspect of Amateur Radio. 
How to join the 93 Contest group
Anybody interested in joining the group may contact Mandy Wilson M0MDY, the group contest manager.

RSGB picture